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–Rhianna Mays is so gifted and intuitive! I left her bars session feeling completely relieved of a fear I’d been holding. Suddenly I simply felt better and the fear has not returned. Rhianna’s intuitive sense is so right on! So grateful!!! -A. Thompson


–“As a Certified Aromatherapist and fellow Reiki practitioner I wanted to take a second to recognize how gifted Rhiannon is. Ive worked with her at various health fairs but didn’t receive a treatment from her until last Saturday. Rhianna performed a 30 minute Reiki treatment on me and within minutes I could feel my lower chakras release and immediately fell into a meditative state. Ive received several treatments in the past and performed even more but never have I experienced a treatment as powerful as that. For the last 4 days the way I react, the way I treat myself, the way I see myself have all altered and I credit that to her treatment.

And lets not forget about her Essential Oil Blends. I have over 300 hours in the field of professional aromatherapy have made over 30 blends to date and NONE vibrate with the frequencies these oils vibrate at. Ive been using her Root Blend for the last week and the tinest amount will have me immediately feeling grounded and ready to take on the next challenge. Highly recommend a bottle for consumers and for practitioners alike.

Rhianna Thank you for all you do and for being you. Never question your path because this is EXACTLY where you are suppose to be. Its a pleasure to know you and a honor to work with you. Keep up the great work!” -D.Moss


–“Love the master class!!!  I feel stronger in reiki energy, I feel, see and hear more.   I am starting to see different color orbs in some sessions.  I have been having clients ask more for reiki with massage.  It completed me with reiki.   I would definitely do it again.”-Laurie H


–Rhianna has done long distance healing for my anxiety many times. I always feel more centered and able to face the many stressors in my life after her healing. I highly recommend her work. I’m a Mental Health Nurse and it’s not often you find alternative cures for issues like anxiety that don’t involve an onslaught of medications. –A. Downing

–I live 5+ hours from this wonderful person. She has an amazing feel for her talent, and touches my heart everyday. My family moved into a new house a few mths ago, I called her about a bad vibe in it. With in a day she helped clean our home of the bad energy. Keep in mind I live 5 +hours from her. -A. Moter


–I have had several sessions with Rhianna and all of them were powerful, you can feel the Divine energy moving through her hands and into you. Both her Access Bars treatment and skills as a Master Reiki Practioner have helped me access deeper parts of myself for healing and are excellent way to maintaining clear and balanced energy. Her genuine compassion as a Healer can’t be missed. I am very discerning when it comes to who I allow in my energy and I trust Rhianna. She is always learning new ways to grow herself and help others heal. That is such an important factor for me when seeking energy work from others. I look forward to our next session! -D. Camp


–I did a bars treatment the other day. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I have had a lot of things going on in my life and With Rhianna’s help I was able to find some clarity. I was able to work thru, process, and find resolutions to many emotions I could not quiet put my finger on. This non-invasive treatment helped put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend this to anyone! Thanks Rhianna! -K. Thompson


–Spending time with Rhianna is like coming home. Her peaceful demeanor welcomes you with open arms. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work and clients is contagious. I’ve opened myself up to a whole new world since doing Reiki and working with Rhianna. -M. Kawa


–I had never tried Reiki before but after having such a profound experience with Rihanna, I will definitely been doing this again! What an amazing difference. You truly have to feel it to believe it!!!

–I was preparing for an international trip away from my family for almost two weeks. I had been stressed with deadlines and normal life stuff. In hopes of clearing my mind for a productive trip, I scheduled my first ever Reiki session. Rhianna had told me in advance to come with some intentions but to understand that the session will go where it goes. The studio is clean, beautiful and peaceful. Rhianna is incredibly warm and did a wonderful job managing my expectations throughout the session. She was 100% correct when she told me that the session would “go where it goes”, because what my intentions were and what came out of it were two very different things. I was able to release some things that I had been holding on to so very tightly and all in a way that was safe and supportive. I believe that having had Reiki before my trip helped create the environment for success that I found.

–I have already scheduled my next appointment and look forward to the experience. If you are open to it, Reiki can be truly transformative. I cannot recommend Rhianna and Reiki Healing and Intuition highly enough. – S Nellson



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One thought on “Feedback

  1. I myself have had 2 sessions with Rhianna and will have a 3rd later this month, she has helped me to open myself up more and i’m able to access my happiness, pull myself out of that negative thinking and to better be able to acknowledge the power and happiness and blessings that I have in my world!! I got Covid right before my 2nd appt and had to reschedule and she helped to clear what was left of being sick so I know that timing worked out just perfectly. I was able to see signs and connections before but since starting my sessions they have been showing up and I have been seeing them more and more and my vibration is getting higher and allowing me to see and feel things I wasn’t able to before. She is always accessible and willing to answer any crazy question I might have or to give validation.

    I just today had her do a tune up for my daughter who has anxiety, OCD and is ticing a lot due to stress she is having since today is opening night of a theater performance at school and she runs the sound board. Rhianna did her remote healing and when my husband picked her up about 45 min later he noticed that she was not ticing, she is tired but no tics!! She ticed all the way to school this morning!! She will have an appointment later this month as well but Rhianna suggested this might help her for today. I’m so glad we did it!!

    So very very thankful for her!!!


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