Packages, Mentoring and Monthly Subscriptions

Rhianna is committed to help you be the best version of yourself possible!  That is why she has created several different ways that allow you to be proactive in your wellness.  Prevention wellness, rather than reactive sick care is imperative to you thriving.  See below to choose which way is best for you!

Deep Dive Healing and Mentorship Package

These mentor and deep dive healing options are for those that know they have healing to do and are ready to commit to their wellness.  These packages are perfect for the person that wants energetic healing, and ability to ask me questions with one on one time, as well as personalized healing transmissions and access to thriving as an empath class info.  This package will be personalized just for you in a variety of ways and will help you in significant ways release the past, heal trauma, and be the best version of yourself possible.

Link to: Deep Dive Healing and Mentorship Packages


Discounted, Monthly Subscriptions

With the monthly subscriptions you pick which session is right for you.  Then, each month your subscription will auto-renew (on same calendar day of original purchase).  This subscription is at discounted rate.  My gift to you as you commit to your proactive wellness.  So, it is discounted and for your convenience it auto-renews!  On the day you sign up for this monthly subscription, you will get a confirmation email and a code.  This code will be used to book your session in the future and stays the same the duration of the subscription. How does it get any better than that!?



One Time Buy, Healing Packages with Gifted Healing!

For those of you that are committed to your healing, but don’t want to commit to monthly sessions, this is a great option!  Choose from multiple types of healing sessions and get free healing!  Most packages expire after 4 months or 1 year to give you plenty of time to book and be proactive in your wellness!

Link to Packages: PACKAGES


Prevention and Proactive Tuneups

The quick burst of first aid healing is a great option for anyone that wants to stay ahead of sickness, stress, or get some help before a big event.  This 10 minute, quick tuneup is just $20!  It is affordable and helps keep you the best you can be.

Link to Tuneup: 10 MINUTE TUNEUP

Tuneup Package: (5 for the price of 4!) TUNEUP PACKAGE