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Empowered, Inspired, Activated 

Hi! I am Rhianna Mays. I am an energy transformer and intuitive that empowers, inspires and activates people and their highest potentials to help create a more peaceful and balanced life.

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The Tools to Thriving



Access Consciousness Bars® -by lightly touching 32 different points on the head your body will discharge stored energy causing mental clutter, limiting beliefs, and bad habits. Clients have reported a meditative feeling while receiving, and afterwards have reported more mental clarity, calm, less emotional charge on triggers, less negative self talk and more!

Transformation in Progress Energy -this is a high frequency, golden Source energy that has evolved from reiki. Your body will utilize this to create balance in your emotional, mental and physical bodies. (Remote & In Person Available) Clients have reported this session creates deep relaxation and help with stress as well as help in managing physical pain, and emotions trapped in the body.

Channeled Coaching/Teaching -this session helps guide you on your journey through intuition, connecting to your current energy, and providing action steps.

Possible benefits to sessions according to clients:

-pain management -anxiety relief – stress relief – help with symptoms of PTSD – calm – peace – balance – new found purpose – inspired – hopeful – mental clarity – relaxation – help releasing the past – and more!