Healing the mind, body, and spirit with Reiki


Welcome!  We are excited to be a part of Omaha’s growing field of spiritual arts and holistic healing.  At Reiki Healing and Intuition, it is our mission to create hope by bringing stress relief, physical healing after injury, and mental/spiritual well being to everyone through Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki and Access Consciousness Bars.  This experience is a profound healing for the mind, body and spirit.

At RHI, there are many ways we can help you!  We offer hour long reiki relaxation sessions, power and crystal healing sessions, reiki certification classes, Access Consciousness Bars sessions, psychic, one-on-one coaching, kid reiki, past life reiki sessions, animal treatments, attachment healing, hospice/hospital onsite appointments,  educational classes, as well as house/structure clearings.

What sets us apart?  Here at RHI, we support your healing journey with two different modalities of healing.  Holy Fire Reiki and Access Consciousness Bars.  We offer a unique and profound Reiki healing experience with the help of Ascended Masters.  These higher vibrating, light beings who are here to help humanity heal and further ascend, regularly help Rhianna in her healing sessions.  Clients are often aware of the loving energy that comes from these higher dimensional beings.

Most reiki sessions are done with Source inspired oils that strengthens your Universal, life force energy, activates chakras and protects your energy from others.  These oils are crystal and Holy Fire Reiki infused to get the most out of your healing session.  Rhianna also offers personalized consulting after the session based on what she sees.  This could include psychic messages, direction from your angels and ascended masters, help strengthening certain chakras and much more.  Get the MOST out of your time by choosing the Healing Code Session.  This is targeted healing based on your own needs combined with the conscious energy of Holy Fire II Reiki.

Not familiar with Access Consciousness Bars?  Learn more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk9KTJL_SZc

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We also offer intuitive business consulting.  This is an opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally by having a fresh set of eyes take a look at your beliefs, help you apply Law of Attraction, create a stronger social media presence, find stress relief and more!  Check out more details under the consulting tab.

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